Social Seva is a Section 25 Non-Profit based in Pune, India. Our work is project based and focuses on technology solutions within the social and environmental space.

Current projects focus on environmental monitoring networks, online education tools and inclusive recycling solutions.

As a small, technology oriented organization, we approach each project independently and work with local stakeholders (government officials, community partners, policy makers) to develop appropriate solutions, prioritizing community-lead design principles.

Urban Air Pollution Monitoring

The UrbanAir initiative develops and deploys low-cost, distributed air quality networks to monitor air pollution in Indian cities, providing real-time data and pollution maps. Our goal is for the data to help quantify exposure, measure health impacts, isolate pollution sources and inform policy.

Inclusive Waste Recycling

The Wastu initiative is a collaborative effort with the waste-picker co-operative SWaCH to create ethically sourced, hand-made recycled products from waste plastic. Products are available for purchase by individuals and businesses looking to impact their local communities.

Adaptive Education

OpenShiksha is an online educational platform designed to improve learning outcomes for students in underserved communities. The platform uses detailed analytics and formulaic templates to personalise student assignments and enable data-driven teaching decisions.

3D Printing from Waste

The Protoprint initiative partners with urban waste-pickers to produce 3D printer filament from waste plastic, generating substantial value at the waste-picker level. Protoprint began as an independent venture and was restructured under Social Seva in 2016.