Recycled Products from Waste Plastic

Clocks and Accessories

Lanterns & Desktop Lights

Lamp Shades & Diwali Ornaments

Photo Frames

Pot-Holders & Planters

Available as Kits

100% Recycled Plastic

Designed, Developed and Handmade by Waste-Pickers in Pune

Waste pickers form an essential component of urban waste management in India. Members of this community sort through garbage waste to separate plastics from the organics and are often exposed to extremely unsanitary conditions. They sell the plastic to local scrap dealers but are inadequately compensated for their important work.

The Wastu Initiative works collaboratively with SWaCH, a waste picker co-operative in Pune, using low-cost, distributed production units at local dumpsites and sorting sheds. Plastic waste collected from the area is cleaned, injection moulded and assembled into a variety of unique products that are usually custom made to order. Customers range from corporate CSR clients to individual consumers, with every order generating additional income for the waste-pickers.

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